Tuesday, January 7, 2014

christmas vacay part 3

post christmas in AZ
for some reason there were so many people who were asking us if we were going to be swimming while on our trip in AZ.
news flash: arizona pools are cold in the winter!
but for some reason casey felt like he had to prove everyone wrong and that he was tough and COULD go swimming in AZ in december. i told him he could have $75 for eating out at places without me complaining (eating out isn't my first fun priority) if he got it (because i thought it was funny and he felt like he needed a reward). he got in long enough to realize how freezing cold it was, take a picture and jumped straight out. he's such a hoot.
 photo IMG_8083_zps12b35c65.jpg
first shock of water temperature.
 photo IMG_8078_zpsb14c2887.jpg

once the family from utah got in town, some of us lucky ones took a b-line trip to tia rosa's. oh i love thee tia rosa's.
my mouth is just watering writing about my beloved salmon tacos.
our order ranges from salmon, shrimp, and chicken tacos mainly.
mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm
 photo IMG_8254_zps76d015d8.jpg
 photo IMG_8251_zps9469cb0c.jpg
 photo IMG_8255_zps0fb391eb.jpg
britton wasn't too enthused about our tia rosa's trip.
 photo IMG_8258_zpsdb5030d2.jpg
maxson got this sweet new camelback kids water bottle for christmas and it is awesome for all of us.
 photo IMG_8262_zps46240c28.jpg
an arizona scene
 photo IMG_8273_zps576e19d6.jpg

the kids played in the backyard A LOT.
like a lot a lot.
casey was the best uncle/dad ever and was CONSTANTLY outside with the kids pushing them around on cars, chasing them, pushing them on swings. just being the ultra awesome husband of mine.
 photo IMG_8321_zps999811b3.jpg
 photo IMG_8296copy_zps837411e9.jpg
 photo IMG_8289_zpsdc680548.jpg
 photo IMG_8309_zpsb9d39052.jpg
 photo IMG_8318_zps5b5f79ed.jpg
 photo IMG_8324_zps8013a69b.jpg
 photo IMG_8298_zps5c72a6aa.jpg

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Cherri said...

all we needed was a big patch of green grass in that yard! Any one else agree?