Monday, January 6, 2014

christmas vacay part 2

i got to meet up with a few of my most very favorite arizona gal pals.
nicole brought her adorable smiley girl with her all the way from hawaii.
and amy told us all about her upcoming wonderful adventures to the east coast.
and brooke and her fetus even joined in for a picture!
 photo IMG_8005_zps0725600d.jpg
 photo IMG_8006_zps19607ec3.jpg
maxson was putting the moves on stella
 photo IMG_7994_zpse7c048a2.jpg

christmas eve
christmas eve morning we went to the park, played croquet and did a mini workout. family came over for most of christmas eve and christmas which was so much fun. 2 of the 3 arizona families even stayed the night at my parents house which made it that much more special (thank you!)
there aren't enough older grandkids to really act out the nativity quite yet so instead my dad read the nativity story and each time a "character" was mentioned my mom would give one of the grandkids that nativity character to put on the tray. the kids loved it. we also opened up our sibling gifts.
 photo IMG_8021copy_zpsd8c8911e.jpg
whitney is so good to all the grandkids. we're so lucky she's apart of the family.
 photo IMG_8027_zps33273ab9.jpg
kirk and tristan
 photo IMG_8019_zps494f3fc9.jpg
evolett on the phone with her hippo.
phoebe, casey, tristan. the children LOVE casey
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lighting of "fireworks" to let santa know where we are
 photo IMG_8044_zpsf0353d9c.jpg

christmas day
the children woke up to a wonderful christmas tree and stockings filled with presents all around.
we had a sweet time slowly opening gifts, stopping to eat breakfast and playing with new toys. christmas with small children is so much fun. gosh darn it, we loved it so much!
 photo IMG_8053_zps61869b58.jpg
annalee and phoebe encouraging ruthie on her present opening
 photo IMG_8059_zps59824c0d.jpg
maxson liked playing ON the box.
santa brought this little castle to some of my nieces and maxson LOVED sitting inside it, casey joined it too ;)
 photo IMG_8055copy_zpsb9e1d386.jpg
the babies (maxson and ruthie) watching the older kids play outside.
toothbrushing time
 photo IMG_8034copy_zpsa9d5ab1f.jpg
that afternoon we went to the park to feed the ducks, play on the playground, and run in the (dead winter) grass.
we all LOVED getting outside.
 photo IMG_8110_zps8fb74ee0.jpg
 photo IMG_8144_zps07aac506.jpg
 photo IMG_8125copy_zpsc93b2dbf.jpg
 photo IMG_8097_zps93159353.jpg
 photo IMG_8095_zpsa3af9810.jpg
 photo IMG_8090copy_zps64e68768.jpg
maxson gravitated toward my dad the whole trip. it was so cute watching them together.
 photo IMG_8201_zps49da9e7b.jpg
 photo IMG_8195_zpsfa0984e0.jpg
 photo IMG_8182_zps938ffff9.jpg
 photo IMG_8179_zps06b95771.jpg
 photo IMG_8146_zpsd3308332.jpg
 photo IMG_8177copy_zpseef8e6ad.jpg
maxson learned to LOVE going down the slides while in AZ, so cute seeing him decide to let go, push himself off the top, and SLIDE down, trusting we'd catch him.
 photo IMG_8165_zps69611df2.jpg
 photo IMG_8281copy_zps185acf26.jpg
christmas night we gathered around the (new) fire pit, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, drank hot chocolate, and just chatted. i don't remember a single conversation from that night, i just remember being so happy we were gathered together as family celebrating christ's birth.
how wonderful and special that night was.
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 photo IMG_8212_zpscdb3385b.jpg
 photo IMG_8211_zps51705ce3.jpg

although christmas activities in AZ are not your typical christmas activities,
i love it so very much.

more to come!


Cody and Camille said...

I love how much you were able to be outside! The braids on your nieces are super cute... did you do them? :)

Cherri said...

loved seeing the pics

Kirk&Whitney said...

oh my! I did not realize how long my hair is til i saw the pic of the firepit where im feeding maxson a chip and my hair is all the way down my back! geesh!

Kirk&Whitney said...

Camille, her hairdresser sis-in-law did them :) Kimber you should put up the pic of the crown braid we did on looked awesome on you!