Wednesday, January 15, 2014

picturas de iphono

and to the iPhone pictures!

back in arizona!
a. the park! oh we love love loved the park, really just being outside in general. maxson's legs were flailing in excitement constantly.
b. christmas eve dinner! we had 2 sister missionaries over along with another gal in my dad's ward. it was wonderful to share the long table with such wonderful people.
c. arizona swimming, in the winter
d. rock playing
 photo Jan142014_zpse0be5d92.jpg
a.-d. i met up with 3 other arizona gals- only 1 lives in az right now- brandi, annie, and dana.
the 3 kids are like 2 months apart and were such a hoot to watch.
we got to all meet up at brandi's new home and it was a ball.
the time just flew by. 
 photo Jan1420141_zpsd6ac6ef2.jpg
a. one evening we went to the temple with my parents and another set of my siblings which was SUCH a wonderful experience. so very glad we got to go with them! my dad is such a great teacher (my mom and casey were in the picture before it got squared to the collage ). my friend annie, from above, was an angel to watch maxson and after we picked him up we went back to in-n-out which tasted divine
b. we took my SIL's van to bahama bucks and i loved my view in the rearview mirror
c. maxson slept for 2 hours and 20 min during church: a miracle i tell you.
d. oh hey selfie
 photo Jan1420142_zps066239f4.jpg
a. our trip to the airport was STRESSFUL! 1. we were a teensy bit on the late side getting the airport 2. the line to the check in counter was MONSTROUSLY long we were in it for 40 min (i kid you not that casey was sweating bullets during this), once we finally checked in we had less than 12 min before our flight left 3. we ran home alone style through the airport to learn the flight had changed terminals and we were going to make it just fine!
b.-d. we met up in SLC with some good friends and had a flipping blast with them. tammy and her husband troy are a hoot, if we lived closer to them we'd have game night every weekend. we first devoured lunch with them at costa vida and afterwards went next door to the sweet tooth fairy, such an awesome pit stop in our trip. thanks tammy!
 photo Jan1420143_zps0c73d209.jpg
a. maxson stuffing his face with gold fish after church
b. he can finally mostly control himself while eating out of these pouches now which is fantastic. there has been a time or two where he starts waving the pouch in excitement and applesauce gets EVERYWHERE, ha.
c. we met up with casey's friend in wyoming, lindon, at his sign shop
d. cookie eating at walmart
 photo Jan1420145_zps687fc8e6.jpg
a. stair hanging out with tayli
b. maxson terrorizing the floor people
c. we played settlers almost EVERY NIGHT. best game ever, more on that later.
d. for brad's birthday we happened to end up at the grocery store where we all ran around the store to try to find an item brad would enjoy the most for his birthday, so funny.
 photo Jan1420144_zps8bbd7bd4.jpg
a. a snow covered desert
b. as soon as brad got home, maxson begged to be in his arms, always.
c. maxson likes to help us workout. when you're doing push ups, maxson has been known to help push your back down when you go down and help pouch your back down when you're coming back up, talk about making push ups twice as hard.
d. got a bunch of great scripture reading in next to the fire while maxson slept like a rock.
 photo Jan1420146_zps24c0dbb6.jpg
a. grandpa's glasses
b. grammie's glasses
c. hello forward facing baby!!!!!
d. loved  getting behind the wheel on car breaks
 photo Jan1420147_zps6a615d32.jpg
gorgeous wyoming landscapes
 photo Jan1420148_zpsdf2bff82.jpg
more gorgeous landscapes
 photo Jan1420149_zpsf61bb912.jpg
a. maxson entertained himself by trying to fit in this tupperware during my workout, he got us both laughing during my murderous planking.
b. obsessed with grapes lately
c. if you're having a smoothie you better have 2 straws because maxson is just SURE you made the whole thing for him and he will tell you loudly to share, and share right now.
d. daddy gets home from school, yay! maxson's excitement level always rises at this sight
 photo Jan14201412_zps606797e1.jpg
a. dinner with neighbors.
b. he apparently did not get enough fruit at dinner as seen by pulling the whole bowl off the counter to enjoy it himself and eat all of it from off the ground.
c. homemade pretzel making
d. maxson had stood up on his truck to reach things on the table and while trying to take a picture of him to send to casey he fell off, haha, and i happened to catch it
 photo Jan14201410_zpsd6e4d394.jpg
a.-d. back to his beloved VACUUM! who knew he would love a vacuum so much?
 photo Jan14201411_zpsc26425bc.jpg
lastly, i finally put my big eat sign on the wall!
and i love it.
ya know, just in case anyone forgets what they're supposed to do in the dining/eating room ;)
 photo IMG_0517_zps9914898a.jpg

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