Wednesday, January 8, 2014

christmas vacay part 4

bahama bucks run.
i think casey only made it down to bahama bucks twice while we were there.
i went with him once and we took this borage of ladies with us.
they were so very happy.
 photo IMG_8332_zps7ff58991.jpg
we got 1 big one and asked for 3 sample cups to keep putting more snow in for each girl.
maxson kept taking bites but would give us the most most sour, unhappy face ever and then keep asking for more, too funny
 photo IMG_8343_zpsdbd351f1.jpg
 photo IMG_8352copy_zpsadffb9a7.jpg
 photo IMG_8330copy_zps5ca483cf.jpg
 photo IMG_8328copy_zps7333030b.jpg

silly string fight.
our annual silly string fight was a little different this year.
usually we do it with some long time neighbor friends of ours, but this year the timing didn't work out well, unfortunately.
so just our woodruff family went in the front yard and had a silly string fight against one another.
the adults loved it, it was perfectly epic.
the children hated  it. i'm certain that all 8 grandchildren were either near tears or had full tears in their eyes.
one day they'll love it
 photo IMG_8374_zpsf9810ae5.jpg
ruthie got really mad when i sprayed her
 photo IMG_8373_zpsd85d4c93.jpg
 photo IMG_8376_zps9898a4d9.jpg
 photo IMG_8379_zps7d3b0f43.jpg
 photo IMG_8383_zpsce661a26.jpg
 photo IMG_8386copy_zps92054093.jpg
 photo IMG_8385_zps328b19fa.jpg
 photo IMG_8389_zps2bbe07d3.jpg

we played a myriad of games one night including the very woodruff favorite savage game.
i don't know if there's a name for it, but how it worked this year was my mom wrapped a tiny box (filled with $5 in it) with seran wrap all over it. think small tiffany ring box wrapped to the size of a large cantaloupe. within all that wrapping there were small prizes of candy and such for the little ones to win if their parents got it out. it wasn't just 1 piece of seran wrap, but lots of pieces. every time someone in the circle rolls doubles they take it from the previous person to try and unwrap it. plus you have to wear a snazzy zebra blindfold. it is such a fun game for our family to play. maxson hated it. pretty much, every time anyone in the circle would scream/yell (likely due to them excitedly getting doubles or disappointed the ball was already being taken away) he cried, ha. in the end my brother weston won this year- somehow he got doubles on nearly every turn!
 photo IMG_8456_zpsbe84ece8.jpg
 photo IMG_8460copy_zpsa8b45484.jpg
we also played a bunch of minute to win it games which were hilarious.
the grandkids tried a few too which were funny
 photo IMG_8472_zps8980a9d2.jpg

speaking of grandkids, all the grandkids were finally together this christmas!
how cute are they?
oh how i love these 8 little children so very much.
(this was the best shot i got, ha)
 photo IMG_8438_zps296c1d71.jpg
and we got the four 2012 blonde babies all together.
now that i think of it, i think all the grandkids have blue eyes…
 photo IMG_8416_zps4021c192.jpg

can you believe this gorgeous sunset?
this is straight out of the camera and just gorgeous.
everyone in the house ran outside when it was first spotted and we watched it magically change for a good 10 minutes
 photo IMG_8353_zps90e92513.jpg
 photo IMG_8357_zps2fa8586c.jpg
maxson asleep while eating and adventures in cookie making with helpers.
 photo IMG_8397copy_zpsb067c1b9.jpg

i love this little series of my nephew britton spying the cookies!
 photo IMG_8444_zps699b8cf0.jpg
 photo IMG_8445_zps3703226f.jpg
 photo IMG_8446_zps0e1c39e0.jpg

and lastly, another night around the fire.
 photo IMG_8481_zpsda6e3dde.jpg
 photo IMG_8482_zps792800ae.jpg
 photo IMG_8486copy_zps02ae8eef.jpg


Melissa Phillips said...

I have to say, I'm jealous of your family's Christmas. I hope there was some drama? This is what I envisioned for our family but it was anything but. You are one blessed woman! P.S. Stripes on stripes are my new fav on your baby.

Cherri said...

Terrific pics.... as for drama... only the guys around the circle when they were ripping at the saran wrap. :)

Cherri said...

also... LOVE the third step stool with Phoebe at the cookie bar