Saturday, January 18, 2014

mostly making messes

more of the fruit explosion
 photo IMG_8751copy_zps05edb2a4.jpg
seeing him with his milk and vacuum was just too cute
 photo IMG_8744_zps34aeb3ba.jpg
and now we begin the cheerio explosion
 photo IMG_8763copy_zpsa2805ac7.jpg
 photo IMG_8757_zpsa8d50da9.jpg
 photo IMG_8765_zps30318d08.jpg
"nom nom nom, must stuff as much as i can in my face before she sees me"
 photo IMG_8766_zps8369ecce.jpg
 photo IMG_8761_zpsbf926aa4.jpg
and lastly he was NOT happy when i forced him out of the kitchen so i could clean up all the cheerios.
 photo IMG_8771copy_zps86e24d27.jpg

messes mostly make me laugh, and truly, it's fun for him to explore.
it's all learning to him.

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Andy Ballstaedt said...

You have such a good attitude Kimber! I love that pic of his cheerio foot.