Wednesday, January 8, 2014

a tale of one boot.

finding good looking boots for boys is hard. here a boy boot flaws:

1. they look like moon boots from the 80's and are hideous as yuck.
2. if they are decent looking they are $60
3. if a store does carry boy boots they are either the ugly woodsmen/construction-guy-light-brown-clunky boot or have camouflage all over it.

good looking boy boots are just HARD to come by reasonably priced. so whilst a little hunt over to goodwill in the town neighboring casey's home town in wyoming i spotted a miracle. this boot.

brand new looking. perfect maxson size to grow into. not completely hideous to my eyes. came apart on the sides for easy boot slipping on and off. sleek material, it was just perfect. AND kids boots were a whopping TWO dollars at this place!


there was only 1 boot to be found.

i looked high and low around all the shoe racks in the store to find it. alas i gave up. so i switched casey (he was in the car with a sleeping maxson) and casey went into the store for a good 25 min searching high and low for that boot. i just knew casey would be able to find the boot for me. he's just like that. he's so determined at little things like this i knew in the end he'd surprise me with it. he's just a brilliant searched for special things like that. the employees helped him search, they looked in the back of the store, they searched through misc bins, behind clothes racks, EVERYWHERE and could still not find it. one employee did tell me that there's a known shoe hider that comes into their store :( why would someone hide only 1 of the shoes? WHY???? 

after 45 min of searching high and low for that boot, we gave up. i was distraught (over a silly toddler boot).

it's over 12 hours later and i'm still devastated over that boot. Sure it's $25 on sale on land's end right now (orig $50) but i almost got it for $2! TWO DOLLARS!!!! 

moral of the story: i really don't know what the moral of this story could be except something like don't hide 1 shoe at goodwill to make others miserable. either buy the shoes then and there or hide both shoes. 


Cherri said...

funny and sad

The Christophersons said...

Soooo sad!!!! I totally would be the same way! Maybe a little boy lost it while he was in the store??