Thursday, January 2, 2014

picturas de iFono

i'm behind. what's new?
here's some of early decemeber.

a. making bow ties
b. part of my new wall collage
c. leaf playing
d. leaf playing
 photo Dec232013_zpsf4ad8559.jpg
a. napping on grandpa
b. eating breakfast before family is awake
c. family break time
d. walmart shopping
 photo Dec2320132_zpsd849df0e.jpg
a. maxson's beloved 1st birthday present from the cutler grandparents: a vacuum!
b. post-church bonding
c. maxson's other birthday present: his big truck
d. tearing down my decorations
 photo Dec2320134_zps65925350.jpg
a. why do i love these stupid sugar cookies so much
b. another newly arranged collage wall in the eating room
c. prepping for maxson's birthday
d. pizza making at thanksgiving
 photo Dec2320131_zps7cca787e.jpg
a. shadow dancing
b. shadow dancing
c. cousin love
d. more vacuum obsessing
 photo Dec2320133_zps2f90bd47.jpg
a. climbing
b. maxson stole a bag of neighborly christmas cookies off the counter and i came in to find him devouring them
c. pudding eating
d. one of his favorite toys: pulling scarves out of an old wipes package
 photo Dec2320135_zps7602348f.jpg
a. snowman pre-maxson
b. snowman post-maxson didn't last 30 seconds
c. very proud of my double crown braid
d. churching
 photo Dec2320136_zps0e4da3a4.jpg
a.-d. casey's "green coat" ceremony
(that's his whole dental class)
 photo Dec2320137_zpsc1d6f169.jpg
a. snowing
b. he loves putting his head back
c. snowing
d. snowing
 photo Dec23201310_zpsfd399f87.jpg
a. not helping casey study
b.december book club cookie exchange
c. snowwww
d. cold nebraska weather :(
 photo Dec2320139_zpsef7500cc.jpg
a. pummis stones do WONDERS on tubs!
b. where's the "E"?
c. juiced up all our fruits/veggies before we left. ooy they were strong!
d. helping grammy and grandpa with their neighbor gifts
 photo Dec23201313_zps46a3aa3c.jpg
a. conked out
b. getting ready for errands
c. helping with dishes
d. carousel fun
 photo Dec2320138_zps98f1ffa1.jpg
b. getting christmas cards from friends is the best
c. kitchen entertaining. he loves kitchen gadgets. the bread machine is one of his faves
d. really bored in the kitchen one day with me
 photo Dec23201312_zpsc6edcd36.jpg
a. look at that cute boy!!!!
b. the nebraska/wyoming/utah trek
c. nebraska/wyoming/utah trek
d. messy eater
 photo Dec23201314_zps363afbf5.jpg
a. bringing the snow inside
b. napping on daddy on a day he didn't feel so good
c. another time we brought snow inside
d. i showed him that he could put this little stool in my closet to see out the window. it entertains him a long time in the mornings when i try to keep half sleeping
 photo Dec23201311_zps9b3f5957.jpg


Melissa said...

Breakfast before everyone is awake-boo! I don't like feeling like an adult when I'm up before everyone else feeding my kid. Haha. Like you, much rather sleep.
2nd favorite-Princess Bib. :)

Cherri said...