Friday, January 17, 2014

frozen…in wyoming (christmas vacay part 6)

there was never really any fresh snow while we were there,
but we still got out there to play in what was left.
maxson loved sledding.
he loved walking in the snow/ice.
he loves being outside if it's cold or hot.
love that boy.
 photo IMG_8633_zps9d5f5382.jpg
 photo IMG_8623copy_zps47849a7f.jpg
 photo IMG_8606_zps903f95ec.jpg
 photo IMG_8667copy_zpscc4e842e.jpg
 photo IMG_8591_zpsdc11126e.jpg
 photo IMG_8657copy_zps563339c7.jpg
 photo IMG_8604_zpsabf479f5.jpg
 photo IMG_8626copy_zps00bcf931.jpg
 photo IMG_8594_zps54087c7c.jpg
 photo IMG_8609copy_zpseea1161d.jpg
 photo IMG_8679_zps2d16cfb8.jpg
 photo IMG_8645copy_zps87069497.jpg
 photo IMG_8670_zpsc31bca0d.jpg
 photo IMG_8665copy_zps74af937a.jpg
 photo IMG_8615copy_zps09f082a8.jpg
 photo IMG_8681_zps9afd3ee4.jpg
 photo IMG_8635_zps4d6e1cef.jpg
 photo IMG_8675_zps6348c832.jpg

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