Monday, July 22, 2013

the fruits of your labor, literally

although i finished a 4 year degree in landscape management,
i've never had a garden, sad huh?
all our summers of summer sales have never allowed us to.

but this was our first summer that that was different!
in nebraska we are permanent.
and if we are gone, we have friends who can tend to it and we will be back.

so a gardening we are.
we have two long skinny planters we have a few things in,
and they are actually putting out some fruit/veggies.
i give you a tour:
 photo IMG_0969_zpsc8efc79b.jpg
the tiniest little strawberries.
they are itty bitty but bright red, does that mean they are done?
 photo IMG_0960_zpsc37d48d8.jpg
we spotted our first itty bitty tomato today!
 photo IMG_0965_zps9a38f2c7.jpg
but nearer to the bottom of the tomato plant we suddenly saw this beauty!
about the size of a raquet ball!
 photo IMG_0966_zpsa8929622.jpg
our pepper beginning to turn red
 photo IMG_0964_zps97cbc504.jpg
little peppers that just bloomed at the top
 photo IMG_0963_zps67ef6806.jpg
our jalepeno plants are hopping,
we have 4 different plants that each have about 7 or more,
chili's salsa anyone?
 photo IMG_0962_zps7bf3b4b0.jpg

so excited to come back after our break to more fruits and veggies on all the plants!

and here's the gorgeous blue sky.
 photo IMG_0972_zps05109071.jpg

maybe next year we will do more?!

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Cody and Camille said...

Oooo, very nice. Do make us some of your homemade salsa;)