Sunday, July 22, 2012

the weekend in PA

this last weekend we took a little excursion to harrisburg, PA.
casey served his mission in PA so it was off to visiting old mission people.
the gist of the situation was that one of his mission companions ended up marrying a girl from the area (their names are tim and kelly),
 the family he married into was one casey and he became good friends with.
the novitzke's (kelly's sister and BIL) have become our very good friends that we've visited multiple times.
we heard tim and kelly were going to be in town from michigan so we decided to be in town too!
while there, we had casey's most favoritest pizza, caught up on each other's lives, the italian ice he always raves about, reminisced over mission stories, played with their children and just enjoyed ourselves.
it really is quite fun to have friends :)

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