Tuesday, July 17, 2012

some highs and lows of last week

casey felt the baby kick!!!!!!
after days of hoping to get him to feel something he finally did!
i almost broke his thumb trying to get his hand over to feel in the process.
luckily i did because almost immediately there was one and only one really big kick that he felt!
ha, so fun.
what a game trying to get casey to feel the baby kick at this stage with the combination of the kicks not really being that big and kicking being so sporadic at times.
oddly enough, the really big kicking happened when casey started reading his portion of our book together out loud, that'll be fun to remember :)

the dishes were horrendous last week.
they were literally mountain high every night.
it's probably due to me actually making some kind of real yummy food everyday/night.
i hate dishes.
i hate having no dishwasher.
i hate the thought that we will have no dishwasher the next 4 years of our lives...

the baby has suddenly made his presence known all week long with all this kicking.
it's really quite fun :)

more on dishes,
muffin pans are 100% the worst thing to clean by hand.
they're just terrible.

video chatting with family.

my back hurts

getting my first gel manicure.
those puppies rock.

going to the bathroom all the time

july is going by so fast,
 it is half way over!
wahoo with five million exclamation points.
doing summer sales is the only time i want the summers to go fast and hurry up and be over.
i know 100% this will be the last time i'm excited for summer to end.
but we are SO EXCITED for nebraska and to get outta new jersey.

after 2 games of bowling last weekend we were both totally sore and tired...
so much for that bowling class, ha

casey signed up for his first semester of dental school classes.
how fun is that?

i can't think of another low so my last high:
looking around at different, cute shops in the mall at their baby boy clothes is the funnest thing ever.
every 3 seconds, we were those annoying customers and would gasp and say in a high pitched voice "look how cute this is!!!"
even casey thinks they're all cute and it gets us more and more excited!
it was all we could do to not buy tons of crazy cute baby boy clothes.
it'll be so fun to start buying stuff in NE for this baby.

more pictures later this week!

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