Thursday, July 19, 2012

half way

so last week i was 20 weeks.
half way through my first pregnancy, how crazy is that?!
i'm definitely starting to feel like i am pregnant and things are happening!
 let's make a list:
1. my tummy is starting to feel tight, blah. not really itchy just tight!
anyone have recommendations on creams for stretch marks/itchiness?
2. like i said before, baby is a kicking.
it's been super fun for me, something is alive and growing in there!
3. last night was my first night of "mmeh, i'm uncomfortable trying to get to sleep..."
it didn't take me long to get to sleep but it was still annoying.
4. speaking of sleeping, i'm creeping up on wanting 3 pillows while i sleep.
i'm at 2 right now, we only brought 3, so i'll just have to wait til nebraska.
5. pants are beginning to get tight.
we bought one of those belly bands from target last week which i'm hoping will make it more comfortable and my shorts last a little longer til (maternity) pant season.

we also had the official 20 week ultrasound this last week.
we did it in new jersey this time so casey got to see baby boy moving!
 i hate you, new jersey, why are you so freaking expensive!
it really was the best to have him there and see all that movement.

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Christian, Kerri, & The Boys said...

You look so cute! I rubbed coconut oil on my tummy every night or they have they have all types of stretch mark creams online. The key is just keeping in moist. Post a pic of the ultra sound, did you get a profile pic of him? So excited for you guys. Congrats on the half way point~!:)