Tuesday, July 24, 2012

nebraska in 24 hours.

i must tell of my nebraska tales when i went back 5 weeks ago.
like i had mentioned, we decided it'd be more cost effective to fly me out there for the appt than do it here in NJ curses to you NJ, curses
so we woke up at way way early to get me to the 5:30 am flight to st louis which would then take me to nebraska.
so after lots of tears, like i mentioned before, we got the trip all set up.
we have the nicest new friends in lincoln that we couldn't be more thrilled about.
as luck has it, they will be our next door neighbors in NE.
so katie was nice enough to babysit me for the day :)
she picked me up from the airport, entertained me at her home, and drove me to my doctor's appt.
she is just so wonderful.
she also happens to be expecting her 2nd just 1 month after me!
so it was the first time i got to actually talk and relate about pregnancy openly with someone now that pregnancy was feeling more real!
it was really just the best trip for that reason, ha.
i also got to peak in the window of our new little place which was exciting as well.
it really will be such a great place to be with being close to the school, having some great neighbors and a great place to live.
yay for nebraska!

the appt went wonderful and it was just a matter of getting back to new jersey.
since my plane left at 5 am and it was an hour drive from lincoln to omaha, we decided it would just work best to sleep at the airport that night.
i know it sounds kinda insane, but it worked out wonderfully.
the airport security gave me great tips on how to sleep the comfiest that night.
i set up a whole, nice bed for myself and got the maximum hours of sleep.
i woke up an exact hour before my flight.
now that people, is the way to do early flights.
we flew from omaha to chicago to newark.
blah, for flying so much.
but, flying with a big comfy pillow makes it a billion times easier.

so yay for being done with that part of the pregnancy!

and lastly, here it 21 weeks!
i feel like i've gotten crazy bigger in this last week which is good and bad.
good: because it's fun to feel like i'm actually pregnant finally!
bad: i'm only 21 weeks!

and happy pioneer day!
when we were getting ready this morning casey said "we should be going to a rodeo today"
i agree. a rodeo, pancake breakfast, parade, and fireworks.
we miss you utah.


Cody and Camille said...

How cute are you!?! Love that little bump.

Anonymous said...

you are darling!! when you drive back, can you and casey be pals and drive through st. louis so i can see you? thanks!