Tuesday, July 3, 2012

hawaii part 2

onto the next part of our hawaii trip!
don't hate me with all these hawaii trip photos, it's just the way it is...

for our first full day we woke really early our first day to do as much as we possibly could.
we went on 2 hikes
1. diamond head crater.
glad we got there early because even early it was busy
our 2nd hike was the muddiest thing ever to this really pathetic waterfall.
but the hiking part was pretty.
and they did say lost was all filmed on the trail we were hiking.
we then went on this trolley/tour ride around waikiki that told us of all the historic/cool places around the city.
it was a nice break off our feet while still being able to do something active!
then off to hanging out on the beach it was.
man, that main waikiki beach front is busy!
it was mostly all asains though...
we rented some boogie boards, played in the water, admired all the people, and read our books.
as the evening came around,
we went and got some really yummy pizza, hawaiian of course, and ate it on the beach.
eating pizza on the beach is one of my most favorites parts of the beach.
we watched the sunset, and waited for the fireworks on the beach,
we were unknowingly on a section of the beach where the fireworks could not be seen...boo.
they were behind that tall building you see...
another night we went to a luau!
so festive and fun.
the food was great as well as the entertainment!
it was really just another fun activity we got to do together!


Cody and Camille said...

Love the many many pictures! Keep 'em coming. The beach looks amazing!

p.s. You are one awesome prego lady to be jumping in that super cute swimsuit! Love it.

Scott and Jamie said...

We went to Oahu last summer and I was 7 months preggo, so I did not go on the Diamond Head hike but Scott and the rest of my family did. So, be glad you're early in your pregnancy that you can still do it all. (the plane ride was honestly painful for me)! So glad you guys got to do a trip before baby comes.