Friday, July 20, 2012

take me out to the ball game

we headed back into new york this last week to yankee stadium.
for only $5 a ticket (plus a $15 service fee, $35 parking fee, $10 toll road...), we got to watch the NY yankees play the toronto blue jays.
it really was just fun to be there at the infamous yankee stadium.
it is right there in the middle of a city.
beyond the scoreboard is just city buildings, it was seriously way cool.
we of course were in the very most top section of the stadium but it was a great view and we really enjoyed it.
we brought a few of our own snacks but had to get us some hotdogs.
a few home-runs, 1 grand slam, and 9 innings later, the yankees won 6-2.

glad this is just another things we can say we've done!

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