Thursday, July 5, 2012

hawaii part 4

here are some odds and ends of our trip from our iphones!
they're in a completely random order but who really cares...
1. diamond head crater hike
2. the temple.
3. rented mopeds and drove up the east coast
4. took a a beautiful jungle tour that was like the disney indiana ride in real life.
1. yay for being in hawaii!
2. north shore sunset
3. north shore sunset.
4 we went to a swap meet our last day and gots tons of cheap souveniers/gifts we'd been eyeing the whole trip (boy/girl outfit, towels, a magnet, birthday gifts for family, etc). once we ran out of cash we passed this AMAZING bread vendor. he let me play a contest with him for a free loaf and i won! i was THRILLED. that was the yummiest bread ever and lasted so long and was still fresh and yummy!!!!!
1. getting on the plane to go to hawaii.
2. waikiki beach
3. the pizza we had  on waikiki beach
4. north shore sunset
1. touring a the missourri battleship
2 on the pearl harbor memorial
3. on the submarine bowfish.
4. on the pearl harbor
(we did all these events on sunday and it was so wonderful).
1. dole plantaion train.
2. pineapple ice cream
3. matsumoto's snowcone.
4. yellow tongues from pineapple ice cream
1. before we went to the airport on our last day we went to a popular shop called the hula dog.
way good.
we got pineapple relish on our dogs and it was so yummy.
definitely a go to place.

this is the last of our hawaii pictures til we get our underwater camera back.
hopefully there's some good ones from kayaking, snorkeling, and paddle boarding!

thank you for enduring!!!!!!!!

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