Wednesday, July 4, 2012

hawaii part 3

we are on to part 3 of hawaii.
we woke up early again another morning and went snorkeling at hanamua bay!
my wonderful cousin jenny met us there which was so fun!
we're not nifty enough to have a waterproof camera so a disposable waterproof it was.
we have since forgotten that camera in arizona and will one day have those pictures developed.
it really was fun though.
the fish were beautiful.
the water was clear.
and we even got to see a sea turtle in swimming action.
this is also the day we both got burnt SUPER bad.
darn water washed off our sunscreen!!!!!
we paid the price for those burns in all the following days.

we then raced up north to the polynesian culture center!
they do such a great job with that place.
the students/employees are funny and "visiting" the islands is so fun!
samoa and tonga were by far our favorite islands.
we were definitely mesmerized by the man climbing the coconut tree with his bare feet and nothing else!
after the polynesian culture center we went and met up with my dear friend nicole!
her and her husband are going to school at BYU-H right now and it was so good to see them again!
we had fun chatting it up and learning all about their time thus far on the island.
they looked so great and so happy.
maybe in 10 years we'll live by each other again...

on a different day we went on a catamaran sail into the ocean.
such a beautiful relaxing ride.

we then high-tailed it up north and visited the dole plantation.
mainly so we could have the pineapple ice cream.
we then continues up to the north shore for the infamous matsumoto snowcones.
definitely a different type/flavor than bahama bucks, but still good!
after our 2 desserts, we thought it'd be a good idea for dinner.
pizza it was because we rock like that.
i just love anything pineapple pizza, i don't think there's anything better.
as we sat waiting for pizza we talked about the best pizzas we'd had in our lives.
mine: 1 had while in rome, brick oven in provo, and casey's aunt and uncle's brick oven pizzas they made us last summer (these are all different types of pineapples ones of course:)
casey's: buffalo chicken in PA, las vegas papa john's buffalo chicken, a cheese one in italy.
to end the evening, we raced over to the north shore pipeline, watched the surfers on the way too big/scary waves (one had a dog on his board with him!), finished our pizza, and watched the gorgeous sunset!


Brooke said...

SOOOO jealous you guys got to see Nicole and Stewart! I'm so happy you had fun though, I love all these adorable pictures. Miss you!

Brittany said...

just found your blog, so jealous you made it to Hawaii, trip looks amazing! Sad we missed you guys when you were here in INdiana for a weekend, we ended up sick that Sunday:(