Wednesday, February 3, 2010

some of our favorite pictures of our big day :)

the wedding day pictures!!!!
It was the best thing having all our family with us!
everything went sooooo smooth!
and  the weather was um.AZing
I will most definitely be posting lots more pictures of friends, family, and BRIDALS!!!

want to see more pictures of our big day?
click client, password is kimber :)
if you're needing pictures of any kind auburn is awesome
super affordable, very talented, and so much fun!!!!!!


Blair said...

You are so so beautiful.

Cherri said...

definatly need some cake pics up

Cody and Camille said...

WOW, gorgeous pictures! Gorgeous couple! I love that all the girls in your family were wearing pearls! Cody and I died over the pic with Casey and Dad C. holding up his leg! Seriously funny!

P.S. I feel bad that everyone looks great in the Cutler family photo except for the little couple on the right forcing smiles while their son is MAD. Sorry!

Jacie Bowen said...

lol, i think i had my bridesmaids wear the exact same dress in grey. love it. and i had mine do matching hair pieces too. the pictures are amazing!!

curtis and jacque dana said...

Kimber! I was going through my year book the other day and noticed you had signed it(: Then I saw your blog through Elizabeth's (hope that's not creepy) But CONGRATS on getting married, you look so happy and your pictures are beautiful! It's crazy to come across friends I know from back home! I hope everything is going well for you and your husband! You make a way cute couple!(: