Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's Halloween!

Well Halloween is only a week away so we figured it's time to

we picked at our pumpkins at good ol' Macey's and got some seriously great ones!
Step 1: find some fabulous pumpkins

My brother and sis in law, Megan and Scott, decided they wanted
to do pumpkins too!
So we went over to their house and started working!

Step 2: Plan your fabulous pumpkin designs

Step 3: cut off the top (this was probably the hardest part for the 4 of us!)
"Is this vegetable? or a fruit? It's a really hard fruit"-Scott

Step 4: take out all the yuckies inside!
(tip- use the flat part of the top of a canning jar and the insides come out like magic!
easiest pumpkin carving part ever now!)

Step 5: start a carvin!

These are our make-shift candles :)
birthday candles burn quickly haha
Final Result!
We were so proud!

And here's all of us and all of our pumpkins!
We all agreed we've never ever ever spent soooo much time carving pumpkins!
(Scott's was so intense and legit-scary with all the teeth!)

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Rob and Kam said...

Those are some Stinkin SWEEEEEET pumpkins! rob and I bought some...but we never got around to carving them...sad day. but yours look awesome! I'm jealous