Tuesday, November 2, 2010

twas a halloween weekend

and a fun one at that!
at first we didn't know what we were going to do,
ideas came up, we heard of things going on, plans fell through, but at the last minute we were still able to conjure up a mad weekend!
although it was a stormy night to begin, one of the activities we did was this provo text-or-treat halloween hunt,
we received clues via texting and went around to different well known spots around provo for candy, coupons, and goodies.
it was so random but so fun to do together!
and in the end there was a money balloon they popped and we got 6 bucks. awww yeah :)
we also popped in at a costume party from someone in our ward, it was a riot. we loved every second of it.
and for our costumes this year we went to savers and found some fun random goodies to go back in time to the 70's!

points of interest:
casey's awesome/creeper wig (he played with it all night twirling it in his fungers and flipping it out of his face- he loved it)
casey's eye-liner-chest-hair = hilarious. (no, not as legit as tim the wolve's but still awesome in itslef)
kimber's sweet/nasty "new" suit that can be used for 70's, 80's, and 90's
kimber's awesomely big hair pictures do not begin to show its awesome bigness
kimber's legit bell-bottom pants. sewn together with love minutes before our departure for the night (bad part- my zipper would literally not stay up for more than 5 minutes at a time...no not annoying at all)
kimber's sweet platform shoes 
oh, and yes, we carved pumpkins bc if you don't you're not cool :) jk
our pumpkin carving fest was awesome which means it was super fast...almost too fast actually.
carving pumokins as adults with the jam lid is the cleanest and easiest thing in the world


Cherri said...

Oooh la la, I think both your hair dos are keepers..... Maybe a repeat at thanksgiving!

Scottie and Megany said...

loved your outfits and the pumpkins were fabulous!