Sunday, November 27, 2011

highlights of anniversary day.

bowling (class),
j-dawgs (lunch),
awful waffle (lunch/dessert)
so yummy!!!! go try it yourself asap! those crepes with nutella and bananas made us feel like we were in mexico all over again!!!!!!
chili's (dinner)

i remember my wedding day and during the reception thinking how i loved casey way more then than i ever did when we were dating, and that at some point that loved would be something more but i just didn't understand at that time how i could possibly love him more than i did at that moment.

and now i look back and see that our relationship is so much more now than it ever was then, we truly are one unit and i love every aspect of that. our love and commitment is deeper now than it ever has been and it will only grow form here.

i would not have wanted to spend these last 2 years any different.

love you sweets.


Shane and Clara said...

awh, so sweet! That LOVE grows more and more....somehow!
You guys are just WAY TOO CUTE! someday maybe I'll get to see you again and meet your man Casey! What a lucky guy he have gotten YOU!

Ok. "awful waffles" thats a real eatin' place?.....those crepes do look YUMMO!

And....I just LOVE how you guys are enjoying every bit of your time at BYU together. It will soon be time to move on to another place and you will have soooo many fun memories of living the married college life at BYU. I love it!

Anonymous said...


ps. did casey really go out in public with pjs on? on your aniversery?

love you.

Casey said...

These are not PJS these are my Sweatpants that I wear all the time in the winter!! These were my nice ones and Kimber did not care hahahah!!!

Brittany said...

Happy Anniversary you guys!

Anonymous said...

i apologize casey.

Casey said...

Apology accepted Dominion Rocks!!

LaraMackenzie said...

Wasn't the Awful Waffle good?! I'm obsessed.