Thursday, November 17, 2011

the golden state.

so we had the lucky opportunity to go to california this last weekend.
i'm, surprisingly, get used to long car rides and not hating them so much.
the trip consisted of 10 hours to LA, 3 hours up to Fresno, 3 hours up to Sacramento, and 10 hours back to Provo.
listening to books is the only way to travel, people.
this time we listened to Brissinger (almost done!), the E-Myth (done), and Freakanomics (done- this book is really good and so interesting).
so where were we at 11/11/11 11:11?
Casey: in a meeting at USC
Kimber: getting us out of our hotel.
i've concluded that doing things by yourself is not fun, ha.
i felt like rachel, from friends, when she goes out to eat by herself and feels silly after doing it,
i hear ya girl.

we got to stop in Fresno for a few hours and visit some of my family!
casey, as usual, had all the little ones squealing in delight the whole time.
the Kellogg's are such a fun gang :)
darling aunt wendy sent us away with the most incredible homemade bread ever.
family is awesome.

we then headed back up to Sacramento!
good at times, lonely at times, but still a great summer for us.
our favorite part: the Hunts.
casey met them through working up there and hit it off with them.
we love them so very much to say the least and were excited to spend part of a weekend with them!
such a kind family who are a great example of love to us!
we went to tayson's socer game
we did anti-gravity yoga.
andrea is a freaking  pro at it, she's such a good teacher,
working out in these hammocks is so incredible,
it stretches you more than you've ever stretched before,
you can get a full body workout by doing something that is usually only a leg workout,
thery're fun to be in,
and they're SO relaxing to just lay in.
if you EVER get the chance to try it do it.

and in celebration of mccade's 18th birthday, we had a feast of champions:
steak, crab, potatoes, and salad,
everyone was stuffed to the brim the rest of the night
(tummy aches from nearly everyone ensued as well due to us devouring way too much, goodness)
cute, little addy did not want to move from casey's lap.
you dare try to move her, you will get a mini tantrum that only casey could soothe.
it was precious.

it was a short trip to Cali for us, but still so fun nonetheless.
we'll sacrifice long drives to see family and friends any day.
always grateful for the memories.


Christian, Kerri, & The Boys said...

Ok the picture of you with the red lip it!!
Also the gravity yoga + AWESOME!!

Jacie Saltzman said...

i must try this yoga!! ive seen it before but never had a chance. so very much up my alley. im so jeal.

Shane and Clara said...

I"m so glad you stopped by my mom said it was good to see you. She was sad that the boys were gone already but very happy that you guys stopped by to say hello. That is very nice of you to make time to see my family. Its good to see that pict. they look good!

And YES please! I would love for you to do a header for me one day. I will look around blog land and see what suits my fancy. And thanks for the help on changing my blog layout. I too like it much better. I'm still trying to figure out how to make it wider and not so squished. One day I will figure it out.

OH, and 1 more question....I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures you took of Kirk proposing. GREAT IDEA! How did you get your pictures to turn out soooooo awesome? I use AV mode and it always gives me the blurred background, which i like. BUT I would also like to have pictures that everything is crisp and clear.

Shane and Clara said...

Oh and the yoga looks so fun but i get head rushes way to quick once i turn upside down. But i'm sure its fun for you youngin's!