Friday, December 3, 2010

let them eat cake

ok, so other than the fact that the origin of that phrase is horrid,
i do love cake :)

in fact we ate the top of our wedding cake last week!
and guess what? it was totally yummy still!!
crazy, huh? it was so yummy a year later, i really wish i remembered how yummy it was the day of!

remember how absolutely beautiful our cake was?
if you wanted to contact the woman who did our cake,
find laura bayles on facebook, it was her mom :)
worth every penny.
one of the best things we chose for our wedding day

ps- you see in the top 2nd pic that sliver of cake that was pre-cut before we got to cut it?
casey decided that as soon as it was defrosted he was going to cut into it and eat himself...
i threw a fit and stopped him till we had a camera :)


clarissa said...

OMG! I love you! You just amaze me. I have missed you so... what are you up to? Congrats on the anniversary too. I am glad your cake was good. We never got to eat our top... don't know where it ended up. Thanks for the prego congrats. I am still in denile about it. I just feel fat, not pregnant. Are you dancing? I wish I still was, but obviously the Lord knew I needed a break for some reason or another :) Miss you much-

Chris, Kerri, & The Boys said...

The top of my cake was still yummy too! Happy 1 year you two!