Friday, November 11, 2011

cool, not cool.

cool: the beautiful leaves.
not cool: when it's freezing but there's no snow.

cool: there's only 1 full week of school left after this week til Thanksgiving break!
not cool: all your professors decide everything is due before Thanksgiving break!

cool: casey bowled a 188 and 170 last week in a row!
not cool: those scores counted as casey's "handicap" for our team's new score when we compete against other groups. can you say that's impossible for us to win any game now?

cool: tissues with special softness in them so it doesn't hurt your nose
not cool: using crappy toilet paper when you run out of said tissues so your nose is red and tender.

cool: traveling
not cool: millions of hours in the car, blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

cool: being able to work the late night shifts at work that are easy
not cool: having 8 am class 4 days a week (i may or may not be arriving later and later to those classes...)

cool: stickers from the doctor
not cool: doctor exams

cool: going motorcycle riding
not cool: being sore for days and days after

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