Monday, July 12, 2010

yay for family!

we are not alone at last!
family is just 3 hours away!
so we went a visited the Kelloggs this last weekend!
i'm so glad my cousin Nicole helped me set it up
cute kids, yummy foods, lots of laughing, we loved it!
lastly, aunt wendy helping me learn how to hold the string while i crochett!!!


Nicole said...

Ya! We are so glad u came to visit! Cute pictures! You must have a good camera ;) (Hopefully I will get some time tonight to update my blog)

Cherri said...

All those cute kids .... they just look like Wendy and Blaines kids all over again. Funny to see!

Shane and Clara said...

Ahh! Thats my home and my family, my Dad, ahh and those cute little nieces and nephews! I'm so glad to hear you got to go down and see them. My mom said it was a wonderful time with you guys!