Friday, November 4, 2011

some joys of life in provo.

so, fall has been beautiful,
what's new right?
we're trying not to take fall for granted because, sadly, this could potentially be our last beautiful fall!
all the time when we're walking/driving around we'll say to each other "look how beautiful the leaves are!"
everyday i walk around campus and provo i fall in love with nature.

we also had the prophet come speak at devotional this week,
it was wonderful.
it was a full house and experience i will never forget.
  thousands of 20 something year students, gathered, excited, and eager, to take an hour out of their school day to come listen to one old man.
but he's not ordinary old man, he's one of the most beloved old men i know, millions love him.
he's the prophet of our church, President Thomas S. Monson.
an organ started playing, and the conductor raised his arms,
at once, all the thousands of these students that gathered began singing Press Forward Saints.
it was beautiful.
i will never forget those moments of sitting there in the Marriot Center at BYU.

additions of our week:
1) we waited a little too long to do laundry over the past weeks,
so the dryers wouldn't dry it all, mmeh.
actually, it probably would have for $20. i can't wait for my own washer and dryer!!!!!!!
so we hung it all over our house.
so savage.
oh how these days we'll remember...
2) i made boring shoes not so boring, snaps for kimber.

and guess where we are right now?
i'll give you a hint:
the high for today and tomorrow is 84 :)

can you say hello arizona?


Brittany said...

Oh, how I miss BYU. The little flower addition to the shoes is adorable.

Alexis Kaye said...

Snaps!!! haha are you back in arizona?!? So funny, I stumbled on your blog from someone elses! you guys are so adorable :)