Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Twinsies: 5 months

It's almost been half a year with these two, BONKERS! They say the first 6 months with twins is the hardest so honestly I've been keeping my eye on the prize of 6 months. I already can tell that now at 5 months it's been a lot easier too!

*I'm proud of myself for writing all this and taking the pictures ON their month birthdays, just takes me forever to get the pictures actually up!

-Giggling and smiling a ton. I think that's partly what makes them getting older easier is that they respond to your efforts of love so much more and it's so gratifying to see them smile and laugh and it seems as if they like YOU!

-In the beginning stages of grabbing things. I can their little hands and fingers trying to figure it out. Sometimes they get ahold of toys and put them in their mouth for a little bit before they let go

-Signs of holding their own bottles! It's already amazing! I'd say Quinn holds his bottle 15% of the time, tries to hold it an additional 30% of the time. Bryson holds his 5% of the time and tries to hold it another 20% (I wrote this 2 weeks ago and now they hold it 40% of the time and Bryson does it more!

-Quinn has rolled over from tummy to back about a dozen times which is so fun to see!

You can really see their individual looks in this photo.
 always catching each other's hands

-Bryson is SUPER excellent at escaping the swaddle and nearly every time I go in there his hands are out, hopefully it will be an easier adjustment out of the swaddle for these boys. Quinn is right there behind him on escaping but a tiny bit less.

-Quinn is the more vocal one I'd say. In the morning it seems as if he just won't stop!

-Quinn also likes to arch his back tons to almost turn over but ends up just inching more backward towards his head. Often after naps when I go in there his head is touching the top of the pack n play

-Bryson really loves to cuddle. Quinn does too but it seems as if every time you pick up Bryson he just wants to lay on you and get loves, it's so endearing.

As always, Max wanted to get in the pictures, this was my favorite picture!

-Bryson likes to just lay on his tummy with his head rested to the side after a couple minutes of a tummy time. He'll seriously just hang out there for a long while and relax.

-They are so wiggly! Arms and legs constantly flapping. Bottle feeding them is harder too now, I can never prop their bottles anymore with blankets because their hands and feet always knock it off

-I can tell they're beginning to catch on to if I cry you come get me because as soon as they see me coming near them they stop crying, too cute.

-I mentioned this before but they really do love to just stare at me. Maybe Casey too but I've not heard. They'll just sit there so contently and stare and stare and stare simultaneously like I have some bewitching power on them. Definitely a self esteem booster

-They are definitely transitioning into much better sleepers. 3-4 naps a day. 1-2 are 1.5 hours long and 2-4 are 45 minutes, I'll take what I can get! Their pack n plays are right next to each other in our room. At night they still wake up twice to eat, I'd really really love to start forcing them to sleep through the night though… (wrote this 2 weeks ago, this week we began night time sleep training and it's going grrrrreat! The third night I didn't hear a thing!)

Max took my phone and began taking pictures like momma

-In size 3 diapers. I've put away a lot of the 3-6 months clothes and they are in tons of stuff ranging from 6-18 months clothes.

-I nurse them about 8 times a day and 4-6 times a day they'll drink a 4 oz bottle of formula. I'm eager to start them on solids, they just seem like they could eat so much more! They do still spit up a ton.

Most favorite dad award.

Comments and questions I get a lot

They are so big! Yes indeed they really are. Compared to where they started, them being "early" and just compared to the overall size of our friends' babies they are big chunky boys!

Do they wake each other up? Occasionally but not always. Around the 45 minute time at naps they probably often do but I've also seen each of them just continue sleeping through the other's crying. They lost never wake up to each other at night either, I don't want to lay in bed continuing trying to sleep with a crying baby in my room so I almost immediately get up to feed them, the second baby more often than not wakes up themselves to eat within 10-30 minutes of the first baby waking. If not, I just wake the 2nd baby. When we put them down for naps they never seem to bother each other crying and sleeping if it's within the first 15 minutes

Do they make each other cry? No, they have no sympathy for one another when it comes to crying it seems. but I do believe when they are borderline sad and the other starts wailing they are very likely to quickly join in.

How do you do it? Lots of prayer, lots of tears. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. You would too if/when you don't have the option. A really really helpful husband!

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