Friday, March 27, 2015

Life part 2

a. St Patrick's Day. One of awesome cousins, (hi, Clara!) told me of some of the fun things she does for St. Patricks day with her kids and I mustered out the energy at 10 pm to do a little something for Max! He woke up to little green foot prints leading down the stairs that turned out milk green! He was then obsessed with milk the rest of the day and ever since. I think he loved it so much because he associated colored milk with flavored milk, ha.
b. The boys always way up like this now, out of their swaddles! We're starting to transition them slowly out of swaddles.
 Busy playing with toys. His focus and attention span when truly playing with toys is getting better!
 a. Bottles, feeding, life
b. Look I could totally do triplets, NOTTTTT! Ha, my neighbors little girl was over for a few minutes under my care and I was so happy I did not have triplets.
 Mom's night out to the movie! Our little car.
 All the ladies, minus one who came a teeny later, ready to see our movie, Cinderella. It was so nice to get out with this great group of women, all whom needed some time away from being momma. And to discuss a fun/cute movie afterwards with these women was fun too! I seriously BANKED when it came to Nebraska friends.
 Look at these cute boys, Bryson's little face!
 And now two cute faces with Quinn's little tongue.
 a. Got the exersaucer out and the babies LOVE it!!! I'm so happy I have this. We took a bunch of the toys off though since getting it out because it just seemed like too many things to overwhelm the babies.
b. The exersaucer and this toy hanging thing are by far their/my favorite toys for entertainment.
 a. We had a ward silent auction for the YM/YW last week and this lollipop tree was there. I kid you not that the entire night was a game of lollipop roulette with Max, after about an hour or so he finally snatched one off and tore off the wrapper faster than we could stop him, that silly boy.
b. Max was sooooo red faced one day after chasing around our friend's remote control car for a good hour and a half, if you could nay seeee the redness in person.
 Signs of bottle holding!!!!!
 a. Salmon tacos for dinner! Trying to get a little memory of Tia Rosa's in our home, didn't do to bad!
b. Cute babies! BQ. Don't you love Quinn's onesie? (Thanks, Amber!)
 a. Went grocery shopping, came back to this sight, a man holding two babies outside and Max insisting to wear an 18 month shirt that is wayyyyyy to small. He ran up yelling Momma!!!!!!!
 New outside toys! We're finally  beginning to get a tiny tiny bit of warmer weather on various days!
 a. Favorite toy aaaaaagain.
b. I turned around and saw Max carrying these big old scriptures into church and my heart wanted to burst! Oh my cuteness!
 Putting Dada night night
 Max learned how to open the child lock under the kitchen sink, sigh, at least he's putting his mischievousness to good use and cleaning the mirrors, right?
 More time outside, hallelujah! These new toys have kept Max from running off so much so it's actually enjoyable to be outside with him! I put the babies in bouncers right outside the door and usually sit between them feeding them their bottles, burping, and talking to while Max plays.
 a. The extent of my Easter decorations pretty much.
b. I tried doing a fun activity with Max one morning instead of working out to spend some quality time with him. Nope. Not making that effort again for awhile/ he licked the gluestick,used the gluestick as chopstick, and promptly ripped off all the paper .2 seconds after this picture was taken and left a huge mess on the ground for me to clean up…I still love you, Max.

 GLORIOUS sight!!!!!!! It's not always constant but it sure helps when they do it! Frees up my time a bit more!

 a. Max woke at 8:07. Found him like this at 8:16. Hashtag priorities
b. Super Baby! Any guess on which baby????????????? q
 Again documenting their swaddle escapeness/cuteness...
 And then Maxson wanted to wiggle his way in between them for the picture, so stinking cute.

Also, SO glad so many of you read that mom article I posted yesterday! If you haven't yet, go read it and DO tell me your favorite line!

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