Sunday, March 8, 2015

picturas de iFono

Some randomness from the phones shall we?

My cute little Bryson.
For Valentine's Day, the stake put on an adult Valentine's dance the night before. WE begged our awesome friend Katie, in Casey's dental school class, to come sit at our house after the kids went to sleep so we could go. Oh man, it was such a blast. I love dancing and it had been way too long. Everybody probably thought I was dancing like a fool but I didn't care a bit, it was so much fun to just dance again. There were about 4-5 other couples in our ward/friends who went and that was so fun goofing off with them.
a. Casey's new birthday tie
b. A very squished rocking chair.No room for more, ha!
Putting kids to bed. Casey is the master put-Max-to-bed-er
a. Max helped himself to a heaping class of pure powdered chocolate milk and he was quite excited about it.
b. rocking babies.
My cute Quinny.
a. Our awesome new side table Casey and our friend Josh built, gracias Josh for the help!
b. Casey and Max walked to the gas station on an exceptionally freezing day and was lucky enough to pick up a lollipop while there.
Maxson's Valentine's presents included 2 new puzzles, a box of Frozen fruit snacks, and a water coloring paint set.
Max sharing his toys with Q
a. The babies have begun joining Maxson on bath time! Yay for bumbos! So much easier bathing them all in one go.
b. Bryson
a. backing away from his hugs he just gave Quinny
b. Bryson asleep at the wrong time because he chose to cry for most his nap.
a. Just Bryson's cute baby face.
a. Everyone loves daddy.

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