Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I said yes

This morning I said yes.

I said yes to sprinkles in his oatmeal.

I said yes to playing outside with his new toys at 9 am.

Sometimes saying yes to Maxson is hard. He's 2 and asks for outrageous things often i.e. 5 cookies!? But sometimes those outrageous things aren't really that outrageous, I'm just lazy i.e. I don't want to let you play outside because there's housework to be done/I'd have to bring all the babies outside, I'd have to chase you everywhere.

I'm going to work harder on saying yes to Max and saying yes more often. He's only little once. Will sprinkles really ruin his breakfast? Nope. Sprinkles it is. Sprinkles it is…


Jessie and Austin said...

So true. Saying yes can be hard, but often it's just because we talk ourselves out of it before we realize it wouldn't be that big of a deal. You say yes so much of the time, don't sell yourself short! Heck, you said yes to bringing three babes to the park. Impressive doesn't even cover it!

Cherri said...

Yessiree..!! I loved the movie YES MAN.

Blair said...

What a great post. Love you.