Thursday, March 19, 2015

all in a day's work

I realized there was a day a few weeks ago where I took more pictures in one day than I normally do. Some reason it just felt special to me! So here are a few moments from one day of our life in an unorganized manner.

Caught Maxson holding Quinn's hand while selecting all the white noise sound on the iPad. tender motherhood moment!
a. Quinn: common site of eyes peeking out behind bottles
b. TWINNERS! We have out wonderful relatives Jim and Jan to thank for these ones, it gives me a little anxiety dressing them exactly the same and then again it's really cute. I would guess Bryson is on the left.
More cute babies. QB
Whenever I make dinner sprinkled with cheese Maxson is sure to be right there to jump in and help pick off the cheese to eat before it melts. Cheese and all things sugar related are his food love language.
a. Daddy's home to help!!!!!
b. I think it's so funny when Max decides to join the babies under this play toy.
Getting creative with our bottle feeding positions. I've been using this one a lot!
a. Max the jewelry model. He was completely enthralled over these necklaces for awhile
b. Got out the next size up in clothes for the babies which means NEW OUTFITS! Hooray!
a. Cutest hugest pouty lip ever
b. Unloading dad's wallet=pure joy for Maxson and pure anxiety for Casey, hashtag where's my credit card!
Did you notice how many outfit changes those kids had in ONE DAY?!?!?!?! Yep, one day my friends… I believe this day was a little more extreme (mostly for Max) than usual but I do still think it's funny.

Also, remember my phone fast? It's going great! I'm truly so happy with the change I've seen throughout my day. I feel so free now that I'm not absorbed in checking my phone all day long! Funny enough, the days after I wrote that post I read these articles that were about that exact same thing:

The affect of parents on phones in front of children here
What happened around a guy when he did a weeklong phone boycott here

Thus far I've noticed than when I do check various media platforms there's too much to go through now that I don't care about, and I don't have enough time to see the people that I really do care about! So I'm taking my time to weed out my Instagram and Bloglovin to people I want to follow that I sincerely care about and to read. For Facebook I click on the link that says show me less of this person's updates because I feel bed unfriending them even though I'd really like to...

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Cherri said...

will mark the day when they try to fool you with their identities... he he