Wednesday, March 18, 2015

An unsuccessful excursion to story time.

Thank goodness Maxson has stopped fighting us on naps! He's back to being awesome at going to sleep 90% of the time and now that he's back in his bed he doesn't wake up during the night and cry for us. ROUTINE people, routine. So here we are, nap time and I'm blogging!

Today I tried going to story time at the library today with the kiddos by myself. I'd say I felt 35% successful.

Things that were successful
1. We got there
2. Max participated and listened maybe 40% of the time
3. There were no huge tantrums
4. Max was obedient on the way into the library and helped push in the stroller
5. Babies didn't cry cry during story time much

Things that were unsuccessful
1. I planned for the babies to be asleep the whole time, they woke up as soon as I got them out of the car
2. Max suddenly turned all shy and was standing by the wall far away from everyone else and wouldn't participate near others, even his friends. I was kinda surprised.
3. As soon as story time ended Max bolted for the door out into the ginormous library. Max runs really fast, the third time he did it we went home. And he still managed to escape 2 1/2 more times while I tried getting us ready to go
4. Max played with the name tag table for 20% of story time and made a huge mess pulling a bunch onto the ground
5. We couldn't check out the book Max wanted because I left the library card in the car and since it's under Casey's name she wouldn't let me (other branches have!)
6. During said check out time, Max ran almost far away 3 times
7. Yelling/tears ensued when we couldn't leave with the book
8. I had to carry him yelling and push the stroller out of the library and maneuver through small doors
9. I let him down to push the handicap button on the last door out. He then ran outside as fast as he could bolting to the street. I in turn chased after him before a car could hit him and right when I turned around the stroller was right behind me racing towards the street
10. Once to the car Max wouldn't stay in the car while I was getting the babies in and ran 2 car aisles away before I could catch him.

Fun, huh?

Overall he did just fine during story time, I will give him credit for that, it was the whole post story time that was awful. Maybe next time we will just bolt out the door as soon as story time is over…that is if there's another story time in the future. Honestly Max just isn't quite old enough/obedient enough for me to take all 3 kids by myself somewhere. The babies are both kinda demanding with needing bottles or being held and Max, from what you read, just runs away.

Any suggestions on toddlers running away? Other than a leash?

And a picture because we love pictures. After our trip we rearranged the car again. We brought the 8th seat back in so all the kids could be in the front row. It's working out super well actually! I love looking back there and seeing Maxson holding their hands!
Funny, thus far when I've asked him "is that baby asleep or awake?" he'll look at them and yell AWAKE! From what I've learned thus far, if the baby is awake he yells awake in excitement. If the baby is sleeping he yells awake to wake them up. We're working on the proper actions and responses to the question.


Cody and Camille said...

This brought back a lot of story time memories for me... Jaden running around, hoping Bri would sleep, etc. Go you for getting out of the house with 3 littles! That alone is a HUGE accomplishment. The more I went, the more the kiddos caught on. I think the storytimes helped J transition to preschool too.

Ashley D said...

I never had twins but I've had so many storytimes like this!! Keep up the good work!

Jessie and Austin said...

Blahh story time is barely worth it. I'm impressed you went!

Alissa said...

Ah man. I should have stayed longer.good sorry. Someday it will get better..maybe. I don't have twins so I don't really know. :)

Andy Ballstaedt said...

This makes me feel so much panic and anger. I just pictured myself in your situation and I spanked my two year old for running in the street. Then I felt mom guilt because I always said I wouldn't spank and I already spanked my kid who I don't even have. P.S. I really honestly don't understand why leashes are a faux pas...

Cherri said...

I love the skinned knee look on Max.... so grown up!