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Twinsies: 4 months

The babies at 4 months old!

Each month of the first year of babyhood gets better and better. Each month they get funnier, and cuter, and more smiley, and they do more things, and become more alert, it's just so much fun. A lot of parents say they get really sad when their kids get older each month, I even felt that way with Max, but honestly, with every month they are older I am so glad to have another month under my belt and for them to get older so they can get to this stage and this stage and this stage and away from this stage and this stage and this stage, so for these boys I'll be happier as they get older this first year, ha!
 I think it's really funny how Quinn has no neck in this one

Some fun things I can think of that they do!

-Love them hands, they're constantly wet from sucking on them.

-Good sleepers for being twins. Usually one wakes up at night at about 2/3 and 4/5 and I'll then just wake the other one to eat too so I only get woken by crying babies twice a night and not 4+. They go down at 8 pm(ish) and wakes up around 7 am. They both sleep in our room since we only have 2 bedrooms. We moved them to pack n plays after they got sick since they were sleeping so bad, we figured now was a great time to transition since they were sleeping crappy anyways. Still swaddled except they, especially Bryson, escapes constantly. Mostly crappy 45 min naps, blergh. And sometimes I can eek out of them 1 long nap 1.5-2 hours. The worst is when they want to take their long naps at separate times of the day. Scenario: Bryson wakes up after 45 min, I let him cry 10 minutes, doesn't go back to sleep so I get him and feed him. Quinn has now been sleeping 1 hour and I force him to wake up so they're more on the same schedule (I'm 90% sure Quinn would have taken a 2 hour nap since he got over that 45 minute mark, I hope that he'll do the same for the next nap). Next nap comes around and Quinn sleeps 45 minute and Bryson keeps snoozing. BLERGH. It stinks. Sometimes I've let them not stay on the same schedule and sleep however long they want. It works ok since they take long naps and after half a day they end up back on the same schedule but it doesn't really give me a break because then I'm just constantly taking care of one baby and leaves me no me/mommy and Max time. This too shall pass. Oh and they take 3-4 naps a day

-It's weird and probably TMI but they always poop within about an hour of each other. They only have about 1 dirty diaper a day and it's always right close to each other, I think that's so strange!

-They've begun giggling and it's just so stinking cute. Makes your heart soar.

-Maxson truly is priceless entertainment for them. They're always following him with their little eyes because he moves around so much! We can especially tell they like him because when he's not around (sleeping) and we're holding them, they get kinda squaky and bored just looking at us or only being held with nothing (named Maxson) to watch. It's really cute.

-This is probably technically not safe but I give them tummy time on the edge of our couch that extends out because then they have a bird's eye view of what Maxson is doing even when they're little heads get tired they can still see him.

-They spit up so much. I kinda don't even use burp rags anymore unless I'm cleaning up the spit up from off my clothes/their clothes/the couch/the carpet.

-Temperament wise I feel like they're still pretty similar. Quinn smiles on a dime, Bryson smiles on maybe more like a quarter, ha. But they're both so easy going I just don't know yet. Quinn is a little more vocal in that he coos/talks more often it seems like. (The week after I wrote this Bryson became the more smiley/talkative one, so as you can see they just swap weeks).

-Still nursing and bottle feeding. My great friend (hi, Andy!) commented on my nursing post to stop caring about how many ounces of this or that they're eating of what, that it just really doesn't matter in the big scheme. She doesn't even have kids, but that was brilliant advice and I'm taking it to heart. Sometimes they eat 2 ounces after feedings and sometimes it's 4 but it doesn't matter. I've come to actually like bottle feeding because if I need to I can hold them off a little longer from nursing so I have more milk for them (if they've woken up too early from a nap) or if I just worked out and am all sweaty and probably only have a little milk anyways. I'm a little more free to go out and about if I want/need to too as in I don't have to be back RIGHT when they wake up because Casey can just hold them off with a bottle, it's nice and freeing.

-They love when they lay on their backs and you make their hands go crazy like they're dancing while you sing "Staying Alive" they smile and laugh a lot, as do we.

-Bryson still hasn't lost the excellente dot/freckle/flat mole under his eye. Contrary to popular doubts, it is and will remain there for forever thank you very much.

-It's the best when they're nursing or bottle feeding and they just stop and want to smile so big at you. All they're doing is looking at you and it makes them happy! It in turn makes me oh so happy.

-They've begun looking at each other and occasionally smiling back and forth! After they blank stare at each other for a while one will randomly smile and the other smiles in return, so so so cute, I'm excited what they're going to be like together in the future.

-My absolute favorite thing is when they just constantly stare at you like you're the most amazing wonderful thing in the whole world, they are definitely self esteem/confidence boosters for sure..


15 lb 15 oz 54%
25 1/4 in 38%
head: 16 7/8 in 50%

15 lbs 12 oz 49%
25 1/2 in 50%
head: 16 3/8 in 25-50%

at the doctors office. BQ

Other random things not necessarily about them

-Max is such a great big brother, he's constantly helping them, hugging, kissing, getting burp rags, telling me they've spit up, telling me they need my help for one reason or another, showing them his toys, talking to them and telling them what he's doing or saw or how he feels or what not. He's doing so great. He has yet to throw something and unintentionally hurt them, so yay!

-I do love having twins, it's pretty crazy and fun and I know most people would love to have twins. We love having twins but we still constantly say to each other how one baby would be so much easier, ha and that we do hope that next time is just one baby again. Is that bad? I don't know but I also don't care really because it's true. I feel lucky that I'm getting to experience this but at the same time one baby at  time is wayyyy easier.

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