Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Before I start into photos, if you're a momma of little ones you MUST read this article. Oh my goodness I' needed this article so bad today. My babies have turned into criers it seems like. It feels as if at least one of not more people are crying at all times in my house and I am  numb. This motherhood stuff is harder than I could have ever imagined. So please, read the article, it will make you happy. Ha, My favorite line: The baby years are short, kind of like five minutes…underwater.  I am definitely deep deep deep under water right now and it does not feel good sometimes/a lot of the time.

A crepe place just opened right around the corner from our house and I am so so so excited! Quinny and I went the very first day it was open, delish!
Pi day! Our friends always have a wonderful Pi party each year and we finally got to attend! Pies were galore and children flocked everywhere. I do love any reason to get together so very much.
I brought the (fake from a box no bake dessert) oreo pie there in the front that ws completely gone by the end of the night (thank you small children) there was an apple pie in that back corner that was my favorite of the night! Also my friend has a streamer-banner that includes every number of Pi, it's unreal how long that thing is and hilarious at the same time too that she has it! It was made of course in college.
The phrase "Don't mind the mess, the children are making memories" id not true in our house, I would hang up the phrase "Don't mind the mess, Max makes them faster than I can pick them up"
Weird picture BUT to me dirty feet=signs up summer!!!!!!!!
MAXXXXXx. Always dumps out his beverage onto his plate at mealtimes, weirdie. Also my cute big-little boy ready for church. His bow tie is 1 of 4 that my 4 older brothers all wore on my blessing day!
Favoritest toy EVER! And the twins agree.
Look at my cute little Hawaiin babies! Man I want to gobble them up! QB. QUinn's outfit is from our most recent trip to Hawaii and Bryson's is from our first baby moon trip!
Lollipops and babies
 A family date to the new crepe place. All approved, especially Maxson when he realized nutella is akin to chocolate. We were the circus of the quiet, hipster coffee shop with a baby strapped to both of us and then crazy Maxson running around chasing his remote control car everywhere.
 The staging area for baths (right outside the door of the bathroom) Q
 The bath show. Max switches back and forth between loving baths with babies and telling us they can't come in to play with him.
 Tummy time on the ground = bobbing heads. Tummy time on the couch with a TV on = still as a statue laser beam eyes. Definitely stopped that as soon as it started.


Lara Graham said...

Your babies are getting cuter and cuter! how is that possible! And you, lady, are a rockstar. Seriously.

Cherri said...

Are you holding your breath?.... motherhood is ALL about breathing deep.... over and over and over :)

Cherri said...

"That" was a great read.... I like the Damn Warrior Princess line ....LOL

AN Petersen said...

My favorite line of that article was Thank you for confirming the diagnosis mr fancy job. Obviously im having a bad day. haha

Andy Ballstaedt said...

That was a great blog post. I can totally see you writing that one day. I tell people about you all the time and how you're my age with THREE kids and your husband is in dental school and you're doing it. You are doing it! I think I tell people this to make them feel less, especially the people I work with haha. My favorite was when she says "dumb. you have a dumb wife now. I used to be smart and now I'm dumb." haha I feel like I just saw into my future.