Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Did you know we went to Wyoming for spring break? Well we did. It was great. Everything turned out great. I'd say of the 21ish hours spent in the car driving back and forth the kids got A-'s. Not completely perfect but just about perfect that I really shouldn't complain about anything.

While in Wyoming we got to spread out into THREE ROOMS. THREE ROOMS my friends, it was AMAZING! Oh how I long for a 3 bedroom place, ha. It was just nice for Casey and I to be in a room with just us, just a little more space, ya know. Max was actually an awful sleeper, waking up in the middle of the night, insisting we lay in his bed with him to help him fall asleep, not wanting to take naps, learning how to take off the baby lock on the door handle, ha, but we survived!

It's so great to be around family. Man I got so so so lucky with the in-laws I married into, you can pick your nose but you can't pick your in-laws is the phrase I've heard. Really, those people are all so great. Listen to this, their exercise room (that they religiously use every morning for hours a day combined) is littered in scriptures, scripture memorizing cards, and ensigns. What an awesome group, right? The house is filled with torn out pages of the New Era taped to walls to encourage and inspire you to be better, do better, think better, and grow yourself towards Christ. Seriously such great people (parents and kids included). I feel oh so very fortunate to have married into such a wonderful family!

The weather was ok. It was good spring weather for Wyoming (for church on Sunday everyone was walking in with no coats in 43 degree weather acting like it was almost spring!). Mostly our trip consisted of playing on the tramp and being with the family. Not a bad combo.

When did this little boy of mine grow up? Jeesh. Kills me

 On our way to Green River, we had to drive 2-3 miles on COMPLETELY empty until we could get to a gas station at 3:30 am. If you see, the car says 0 miles until empty. So nerve racking!!!! We filled up 19.85 gallons of our 20 gallon tank.
 We got to take Max to the rec center to swim! He is one stinking funny boy and so much fun. He just has so much spunk and life and tenacity to go and be and experience! So much happy yelling! Every time he got to the top of the slide he'd yell "Hi, momma!"
 No fear.

 Beginning  the first glimpses of bottle holding! FREEDOM!
 Our little trip to Cafe Rio, it was so crazy yummy! Oh man oh man, that place makes some good food. We all we super happy stuffed walking out, it was a gluttonous feast. Also, I freaking love Max's little smile in this picture, I finally caught one of his true smiles we often see in a picture!
 Love that Uncle Derek of ours
 Full hands, always.
 They sat and watched at first and then insisted to be held during lunch.
 Grammie made salt dough hand prints of the boys. The babies' ones are SOOOO cute and small! She's keeping them for us now but when we move to Wyoming we'll keep them in our garden or something as little stones!
 Love this quote I saw on nie nie dialouge
 Grammie is such a great help, always eager and waiting to hold and help a baby!
 Double duty daddy. Once we got home Max was much better playing with his duplos blocks after loving playing with the ones on Wyoming, happy for everyone!
Uncle Derek and grammie's fishy cookies

Karlee is BUSY!!!! We were able to finally get one family shot with her home!

Tramping outside

The end of spring break. Only 1 more to go while in Dental School!


Brooke said...

So fun!! Casey and Max look cute in their hats hahaha

Cody and Camille said...

Looks like a perfect break! Love those Cutler get togethers!