Tuesday, March 3, 2015

This and that in words

I've reached that point where I don't feel like a regular blogger anymore, and that makes me so sad! I'm so tired in the evenings and now that Casey and I watch shows together I haven't been as consistent, I'm so stupid! Maybe once the twinsies start sleeping through the night I'll get back to it…someday.

In the meantime here are 10 random things I've thought about today

1. Routine is good. Wow is routine good and I am SOO much more responsible, reliable, happy, and productive when I stick to our routine (as are my children). Never ever ever did I think I would be one of those routine people.

2. I love when people tag me in giveaways they want to win on IG. I don't know what it is, ha. I almost feel it like a compliment that they would think of me to tell me about this cute stuff!

3. I think March is the point where winter gets really bad for me. Everyday it's cold out it kills a little bit of my soul. I can't wait to be hot and sweaty outside again, bring on the humidity any day!!! (Truly, I think "Only x more years until I lvd in Arizona and we can play outside in the winter, boo hop for me!")

4. Meal planning your week(s) is about a million times better than not, I've come to find out. I still haven't don't it a ton of times but oh heck does your week end up so much better, you eat more vegetables, you have better leftovers, and the list goes on!

5. Movies we've recently watched: Draft Day, Fireproof, and Heaven is for Real. All great and all rented from the library. That's my new thing, just putting holds on DVD's at the library for all the movies I want to watch. We also picked up Modern Family Season 1 from there and are thoroughly enjoying our nights.

6. Crispy M&M's are BACK! And after going through an embarrassingly amount of bags the last week we are out and and at night that's all Casey and I can think of. Addiciton? Probably. Freaking yummy? All the way

7. Yesterday was one of those awful, no good, very bad mothering days. Luckily today did not follow suit and was very good indeed, I was ever so grateful for that. See, friends, the hard days hit us all.

8. A crepe place opened JUST by my house and I am overly enthused for it. I went on the official opening day and am so excited to try all the flavors before we move! Some people love ice cream, I am much more of a baked good/sweet breakfast treat fan

9. I sit in the rocking chair rocking the twinsies a surprisingly large amount of the day. I mean it's not a ton ton but compared to how much I just sat and rocked Max it's a lot. Funny how mothering twins and a toddler changes that.

10. After that terrible no good mothering day yesterday I went to Target and wondered the aisles for about an hour or so looking at everything i potentially would would, things for out 72 hours kits, the clearance sections, and took pictures of (3 pairs of) shoes I would like for mother's day. It was a wonderful way to spend my evening. And then I came home to the sweetest treat from my husband.

Over and out friends.


Andrea Blinkhorn said...

Kimber -

I started following your blog a couple of years ago when I lived in China and was doing a fair bit of blogging myself and since then I've been hooked! I just wanted to shoot you a little note and say you have the sweetest family and I am so happy how things have turned out for you! It has been very fun to watch and read your story and I truly hope the very best for all of you! Maybe one day we'll run into each other again (like Paris!)

Anyway, thanks for sharing (you're a fantastic role model) and good luck surviving the rest of the winter --I know I'm thoroughly over the snow up here in Boston!

All the best,
Andrea B.

Blair said...

That is so funny! I NEVER enter IG contests because I never win anything and I when I get tagged for stuff like that in IG I feel burdened, like I'm supposed to do something and I'm not doing my part if I don't do it. HA! How different our approaches are.

Shane and Clara said...

Oh, how I understand about your thoughts here. If only I could meal plan all the time,it seems to come around so quickly...the next meal. Sometimes I think.....can we just not need to eat so I can have a break from thinking about what to make for dinner!!! haha
I am ready for Spring time too...enough of WINTER!

by the way.....the cookies in your last post look absolutely perfect! Can I have your recipe?? cause mine always turn out FLAT! It totally bums me out!