Wednesday, February 20, 2013

birthday party via internet

the newest and last SIL to join the woodruff family, whitney, had her birthday a few days before casey,
and we were lucky enough to join in on the celebration!
via facetime of course.
although we weren't there in person, we felt apart of the fun indeed.
 photo photo-2_zps84f34777.png
it's so different than just being on the phone because you can see what's happening, expressions and all.
this night for instance,
we watched my brother, scott, put tons of marbles up his 2 year old, tristan's, pant legs while sitting down.
tristan thought it was a hoot and joined in on putting marbles in.
after a few minutes he stood up and all the marbles gushed out of his pants and fits of laughter followed.
at another point, the almost 1 year old, ruthie, get ahold of the phone we were facetiming on and was crawling with it, taking it where she wanted to go.
the screen was jumbling everywhere, at times we would catch glimpses of her face.
then she tried looking at the screen with the stone cold face wondering what it was,
meanwhile we're loudly saying "ruthie! ruthie! look at the phone!"
it was as if we were in a movie where the adults turn itty bitty and the little babies, who barely understand things, have all control and are the big ones throwing the adults around like king kong.
luckily no one (or phone) got hurt :)
later, whitney was talking with us while holding the oober chubby cute baby, evolett, who gave us the biggest little baby pouty/kissy face when she realized it was not her mother holding her.
it's these small moments that don't matter in the grand scheme of things that make you miss family.
since we're talking about technology, the other day casey was texted a picture by his brother, cody, showing us how mr 3 year old jaden put his underwear on backwards.
we busted up laughing thinking about what it would have been like seeing that in person.

we love technology.
there's so much good that can come from it from sharing pictures/videos with family to emails and video chatting.
although there's lots of not good stuff everywhere because of technology, much good can come from it.


Purposely at Home said...

facetime and skype. best. invention. ever. :D


Melissa said...

I miss being around family too. They aren't nearly as fun as yours seems but just being around people you love is fun.

Soo...the throwing up. It doesn't hardly happen at night. Mostly during the day. I don't use bibs really because I don't want to hide her clothes, like you were saying. But I've caught it a lot. Sometimes if I lay her down and she throws up her arm gets a little wet. But it dries :)

The skirt is from Ross. Thanks for liking it, haha.

Cherri said...

Yep Facetime will make the 7 year absense alot easier.