Sunday, February 17, 2013

february's 12 on 12

i decided to join in on 12 on 12 again this month.
because it was casey's birthday (another post on that), i was already taking a bunch of pictures that day!

but here we go, beginning at 10 am
10- begin putting birthday decorations up
11- packing the diaper bag to have lunch with casey
12- free birthday sub at firehouse subs
1-bounching the baby around the house before his nap
 photo Feb142013_zpsb5213395.jpg
2- falls asleep in my arms which felt heavenly
no picture, though it did happen.
3-eat the rest of my sub
4- maxson's awake and we're playing
5-diaper changing time/raindrop time
6- a little cuddle time on daddy's shoulder
 photo Feb1420131_zps685b4f03.jpg
7- birthday dinner=homemade buffalo wings and strawberry milk
8- birthday cake time!
9-the left over oreo cake
 photo Feb1620133_zpsa640fbd3.jpg

happy 12 on 12!
if you did this too, i'd love to see your post!


Purposely at Home said...

what fun pictures!! happy birthday to your hubs. :)


Suzanne and Nate said...

How fun to see the pictures of the big day!!! Happy birthday Casey!

Nat said...

HI, I saw your link on the Dear LIzzy site :) Awesome photos and your little one is too cute...

I did my first 12 on 12 this month - its a lot of fun :)