Monday, February 18, 2013

saturday morning

last weekend casey had another way too early stake basketball game.
the only good thing about it being way too early than a reasonable time was that by the time he got home, maxson has just woken up to eat!
so casey got to actually enjoy that truly wonderful morning hour and a half with us.
it was splendid
 photo Feb1620134_zps70f8bc3e.jpg
 photo IMG_2312-1_zpsab41c6b1.jpg
not pictured is casey in his unmentionables, holding maxson, at the kitchen table, studying for school at 8:30 am.
cute picture but yucko studying.

on another note,
i got maxson laughing the the other day!
oh it was harmonious noise to my ears!
i was able to catch the last laugh on video and i keep replaying because i want to hear it oh so bad again!
sadly, no matter how hard i try he won't do it for us again, boo.
it will come with time, i just need to be patient.
i would put it on here for you to enjoy but i, as well, am videoed in my unmentionables...ha

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