Monday, February 25, 2013

what the phones say we've been up to

a. maxson woke from his nap early. casey so graciously volunteered to help him sleep longer and promptly fell asleep with him while studying. these tender moments will only last for so long!
b. first time in the stroller! went walking at the mall with a friend and he loved it. i think he loves just being out of this little house, ha! it's too cold to go anywhere though!
c. smiling
d. i don't usually share the crafts i do on this blog but these are too cute not to! my spitty up baby is now a stud muffin in bibs!
 photo Feb242013_2_zps3bdfbbc5.jpg
a. settlers of cat an with friends. it has been way too long since we played that game. sure at the end of the night casey and i always end up offended by each other but it's all in good fun (right, babe?)
b. homemade (legit-i-went-to-italy-on-my-mission) pizzas with friends. some of the most delicious pizza i've had in my whole life! first time ever that the pineapple pizza was not my favorite of the night, i was literally shocked. things like pine nuts, arugula, spicy meats. oh it was some awesome pizza.
c. bumbo baby.
d. momma and max

 photo Feb242013_21_zpscef6788d.jpg
a. headed to a friends house for chili dinner. a huge pro to living on a street with a bunch of different friends=walk to their houses for dinner, not drive!
b. watching casey at stake basketball. there were a bajillion children and wives there when we got there at the end of the previous game. but then casey's game started which was against the young single adult ward and it cleared out. it was me, max, 3 little boys, and a girlfriend to a YSA player. twas much better than the previous chaos.
c. driving home from a movie with friends at midnight on saturday night in lincoln, who knew bar hopping/standing outside of bars when it's freezing cold outside is so popular? i was amazed! what a different culture i never knew existed!
d. wiggling his little hands out of that swaddle, silly baby.
 photo Feb242013_22_zpsa3bbe9d7.jpg
a. casey's homework.
b. future wide receiver. we sometimes try to force his little hands to hold the football ha.
(btw- if max plays football i vote for him to be a wide receiver because let's be honest, it's SWEET when they catch those incredible passes!!!)
c. smiles
d. oreo ice cream cake we've bought way too many times from walmart
 photo Feb242013_3_zpse6360d30.jpg
a. superbowl watching.
b. superbowl fooding.
c./d. cute babying.
 photo Feb242013_23_zps4dd28703.jpg
more dinner with friends.
can you tell we love dinner with friends?
because we do...
 photo IMG_6954_zpsc8be07bb.jpg
last but not least, my new, all time favorite picture of my boys.
we finally braved the germs and stayed all of church.
maxson stole the hearts of everyone with his cuteness.
plus since i let like no one ever see him (germs!) they were all smitten :)
 photo IMG_1237_zps770883ca.jpg


Laura said...

Seriously, people are disgusting. For the first 8 months of Clark's life, all I could hear in church was every cough, sneeze, and sniffle. It made me cringe. Stay home if you're sick, people!

AN Petersen said...

Don't you love woombies?!