Monday, February 25, 2013

indulge me

indulge me in my very cute baby.

whenever we FaceTime with family or others meet him so many people comments on how aware/alert maxson is for such a young age.
and he really is.
if he's awake and there's something going on, he's watching and, as mentioned, very aware and intrigued
 photo IMG_6943_zps9ab07ac6.jpg
 photo IMG_6937copy_zpsb605f568.jpg
 photo IMG_6932copy_zpsc787f085.jpg
 photo IMG_6907_zps764e5ecd.jpg
 photo IMG_6925copy_zps741ffe18.jpg
 photo IMG_6930copy_zps445d485c.jpg

do you see pirate baby at the bottom :)


Kammy Ellis said...

I love the pictures Kimber. You have such and Handsome little guy

Nicole said...

he is world's cutest! seriously, I'm dying over these pictures.