Wednesday, March 23, 2011

provo apartment for rent

here's the dealio.

if you know any married couple who can fit either of these 2 situations,
please send them our way!

scenario one:
willing to buy our spring/summer contract.
$500/month + about $50 utilitiesish.
furniture included if wanted (table, chairs, dressers, tv, desk, night stands, couch)

scenario two:
looking to buy a year contract.
$600/month + about $50 utilitiesish.

2 bedroom (it's really a very nice sized place).
internet included.
has a dishwasher, swamp cooler + lots of fans, heater, washer/dryer downstairs for individual pay
block and a half south of brick oven.
truly, a very darling little apartment.
very open.
very bright.
great ward.

we would really like to move back into this apartment once the summer ends,
but can't find any takers for that AWESOME price to move in for just spring/summer.
but we would still like to help our landlord rent out the place this late of notice at full price.
so either scenario will work we guess...

so please, keep your ears alert and help if you can!

contact at

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