Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tijuana Mexico

I had to leave this

So I could drive through this blah!!!

So I could get here

And work in here

and also HERE!
Oh what a trek so I went through Sacramento as many know to get to Mexico for my dental trip. I started at this little clinic and moved to the University clinic here on Tuesday. I saw some crazy things that definitely solidify why I am choosing Dentistry, but it is so tiring as well. So much work bouncing back and forth I just need to take a nap haha. Early to bed and early to rise is such a true statement it could make me healthy, wealthy, and wise. Kimber got back from her trip and it stinks to still be away, but it is all for a good purpose. I need to take a picture of wear I am staying and the sweet family that is letting me stay with them. They are awesome! Love ya

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