Tuesday, March 1, 2011


casey and i religiously watch the biggest loser together.
we love it.
we love the players.
we love the point of the show.
we love how it changes people's lives.
we love the biggest loser!
we've never missed an episode this season.
we've never consistently watched a show before in our lives.
but we sure love this!


AN Petersen said...

I am obsessed too. I have never missed an episode either. This season is so crazy. I cant beleive the stuff that has happened.

Jacie Saltzman said...

haha shane and i tape it too. love it. btw- does it make u crave junk food? like i never feel so conflicted in my life to want to eat junk food so bad and yet go exercise at the same time. ughhh

Casey said...

What about Swamp People we watched that consistently too!! I love the Biggest loser

mckenzi said...

haha biggest loser is THE best! Such a good show in every way:) Kimber thank you so much for looking up my email! You are so sweet always, that totally made my day I just love you. You know I love your blog so much, I feel like I relate to everything! haha and I love you and Casey, you guys are the cutest. I miss seeing you I hope you guys are doing well:) Thank you again for the email, seriously ask Matt, it totally made my night!