Tuesday, January 26, 2010

have you updated your blogger?

i have and blogging is so much easier
i've been surprised to learn how many people have not switched!
i didn't find out about new blogger til i asked my SIL blair, she showed me the light :)

as you know i love putting up pictures,
new blogger doesn't make it a freaking nightmare to do it!
you'll love it! i swear!
(if you don't love it you can always change it back, but i highly doubt you will)

  1. Go to Customize or New Post (wherever you can get all those tabs to change your blogger stuff)
  2. Go to the big tab Settings
  3. Go to the first tab on the left called Basic
  4. At the bottom there's a section called Global Settings
  5. the first category is Select Post Editor
  6. Then click Updated Editor!
it is SOOOOOO much better
i haven't figured out how to do videos though (if you do please tell)
tell me how it works for you and if you have any other tips for blogger!

ps- casey sold all of his video games!
good job lover!!!!!!!!!
this is him "testing" them all
at times i would say "casey, i think this one works... :)"

casey's "reward" for selling them all?
he just ordered a wii,

and rockband for it...
that's my husband


Cody and Camille said...

Yay Casey for selling them!!! So I totally updated my blog settings, Kimber! Thanks for the tutorial. Haven't tried it out yet, but I'm excited!

Nicole said...

just updated, thanks kimber! tell kasey i remeber that game! lol

A "cheery" disposition said...

I didn't even know blogger had updates... I am going to have to update mine tomorrow.

Annie said...

Sweeeet! Thanks TIMMMMMMBER!

Cherri said...

About Casey, LOL!

Bliss said...

uhhmmm it didn't work!? It doesn't show me steps 4-6. Global whatever doesn't exsist. :( help!