Friday, March 25, 2011

one cute girl.

so before casey and i left for all our trips,
we had a little play date with our abby.
we hadn't seen her in forever it was ridiculous!
we missed her so much!
we live only 15 minutes away but our nights never match up to play together.
we all met up at mickey d's (abby loves the play place there),
chatted it up,
took some pictures,
laughed at how cute and silly she is,
and gawked at how much she's changed since the last time we'd seen her (3 weeks ago is a long time for us)

i'm SO glad i'm an aunt before i'm a mom.
being an aunt is similar to that awesomeness of being a grandparent.
i love my nieces and nephews SO much, i joy in their growth and their cuteness so much!
it's just beyond wonderful.
i love them all so much :)
so dear brothers and SIL's (really all SIL's bc my brother do'nt read my blog) thank you for your cute kids!

and thanks amanda for setting up the play date!!!

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Jacie Saltzman said...

i completely agree that being an aunt is like being a grandparent. u get all the fun, and can pawn them back to mom and dad once they become too much to handle. haha i love neices and nephews!