Tuesday, March 8, 2011

dearest friends,

i'm really not that blog savvy when it comes to blogging,
but i do know a few tips and tricks to share with all 10 of you that read my blog :)
a) probably like many of you, i have run out of space on my gmail account photo limit i originally started to blog with.so then since i had a 2nd gmail account i just used that one to post pictures with, but now that my camera makes my pictures a much bigger size to save as, i'm already halfway through my new gmail account's photo capacity! what?!?! ya, so if you're having this problem i have resorted to this method. it's pretty easy (this also enables you to have HUGE pictures on your blog if you've ever wanted that, it's a tinge outdated but still works great)
b) if pictures are just hard to post already, make sure you have updated your blogger editor. see directions here.
c) a little while back i was fed up with having to put in a verification word when i wanted to comment on blogs, i soon realized my blog made you do that! i personally think that if you don't have a bajiillion readers, you don't need that tool. to change it go to the settings tab for your blog, click the no box by word verification near the bottom. again, just a suggestion :)

d) more on commenting: when someone wants to comment on your blog, it's really nice to have a pop-up window for them to comment with instead of the whole screen changing to a specific url for that post. again, if you go the the settings tab and then comments tab, the third area down let's you choose the option of what happens when people comment, just a suggestion. it's nice to just keep reading the blog where you originally were :)

e) lastly, you know how it's convenient to have your blog set up to email you when someone comments (you should do it, it's really convenient), love it yeah? you know what else is convenient? when that someone has enabled it to so that you can email them back once they comment! cool huh?! most people have not done this, it's easy, i believe you go edit your user profile and select the box "show my email address" near the top. it's a super awesome option and i think you should do it :) then if i get an email from you (question or a hilarious comment i want to reply to) i can easily hit reply and email you back! love technology :) i changed mine a long time ago to this so didn't quite remember how to do it. i played around with a few things and i think that's how you do it. if you know that this is not the right way, let me know and i will change it:)

how do i know all this?
a) i had way too much free time on my hands last summer to search blogs and stuff and learn more about blogging
b) i have way too much time a work now to search the internet and do the same thing.
take your pick :)

if you have any suggestions for me about blogging, let me know!

happy blogging!

ps- awesome article on courageous parenting here. 

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