Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bball in the VEGAS!

This Guy somehow found some dip n dots, which is like an ice cream in pebble form. I love this food along with Bahama bucks, which is my favorite, but this is a great alternative when B.B is not around.
This is the crew who made the trek down to Vegas town for these awesome games! We totally have enjoyed the experience Friday by far has been the best day with the Men's night games. Insane! Derek, Dad, Mark (Uncle) and I
This Guy was sitting like 2 rows in front of us keeping track of the points til Jimmer beat Danny Ainge's record and he definitely did it scoring 52 points. He was lights out and I loved it. This was probably the most intense game I have been to it was AWESOME! P.s. the building was packed scalpers were selling tickets at those seats in the top for 150 a piece nuts huh!
I don't know how to use this blog stuff very well so I posted all our events with the pictures need less to say this has been an awesome experience and tomorrow should be awesome with the championship game and than we are going to walk down the strip to see all the lights at night so pretty fun huh!!!??? What are great weekend! I do miss my wife though so I will see her soon!

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Scottie and Megany said...

looks like you guys are having a lot of fun! i wish i was there, that would be so cool! go jimmer!!