Saturday, March 13, 2010

another weekend of dancing!

but this time way way more dancing!
it's the national dancesport ballroom competition weekend at BYU and it has felt like non stop competitions
i had noive standard, novice latin, prechamp latin, Gold 1 Foxtrot, and Gold bar Tango.
it was way fun though but  my partners and i did well for ourselves mostly
so much makeup, costumes, fake tanning, rhinestones, hair gel, etc, goodness haha
the ballroom bubble :)
i was excited to finally get to dance and do it all
but also excited for it to be over to have my time back to myself again!
casey has been so sweet, he went to all my competitions and was there cheering for me
it's so much easier and more fun to dance when you know at least one person in the huge audience at the marriot center is watching you and wanting you to do well,
things are just so much better when he is around
so far, the big things we've gotten to watch are amateur smooth, amateur standard, and the professinal showcase. all so amazingly disgusting
tonight we'll go back to watch amateur latin and cabaret, so fun:)

it's fun to watch with casey because he has been to enough comps where he most definitely has an opinoin on dancing: good and bad dancers, good and bad costumes, etc :) so fun

here's some pics!
the pretty (and ridiculously expensive) costumes for amateur standard
casey pretending to be my latin partner :)

gotta love ballroom, dance!

in between the dancing of the weekend casey had his first basketball game for the start of tournament- they had a very nice win, casey made bunches of points, i was a proud wife,
we started wacthing all the college basketball conference tournaments,
we took naps,
we played house (aka we finally cleaned up after all the mess dancesport made in our place [casey just has to leave all his makeup and nail polish everywhere goodness!]).

sunday could not come sooner:
relaxation time
family time
pure casey and kimber time :)


Chris, Kerri, & The Boys said...

You are one sexy women!! I love that you are all dolled up and Casey is in his sweats!! haha

Cherri said...

Wish I could be there to see all the comps.... I would cheer too and then I'd console Casey.... what a good sport. You are gonna have to watch a LOT of sports to make it up.... (you are in Big Dept) I would guess. But he probably says you're worth it. I did warn you Casey remember on our hillside street walk. Ha! gotta say it TOLD YA. :)