Sunday, March 28, 2010

a big saturday ending the night in the library

busy busy busy day for the two of us

9:15 wake up
10:00 arrive at landscape management club waffle day (which started at 8 am) and realizing i should have gotten there way earlier to actually have waffles bc they had already cleaned up, but they were way nice and got it all out for me again. i'm loving my major, the professors, the students, and the work. love love love L.M.
11:00 went to Shea and Amy Owen's senior singing recital, they are so amazing at singing, goodness gracious
1:00 went to the Shabby Apple trunk show at the riverwoods in Provo. cute clothes, ugly prices
2:00 went to the senior project dance showcase and watched cortney suanders dance beautifully i wish i had her abilities
3:00 finally saw my husband!- we watched a little bit of one of the basketball games
4:00 went to down east outfitters and got a smokin deal on some sweet skinny jeans- $7.83 baby love a steal (also saw oober cute sunglasses i needed  but didn't buy them...breathe kimber, it's ok that you didn't get them;)
4:45 picked up an oreo malt at the malt shop to share with casey
5:00 sat in the car with casey and ate the oreo malt and laughed about old memories
5:15 casey went into work, boo
6:00 went to a little ballroom dance party with my team at our coach's house, the Denney's. sooo much fun! yummy food, fun games {my 2 truths and a lie were 1) i was pick-pocketed in NY 2) i've river-rafted down the grand canyon 3) i've been to the top of the eiffel tower. do you know which is the lie?,}lots of yummy chocolate fondue dipping stuff- betsy is an amazing hostess and also her house/decorating is adorable, great company, good memories, funny stories!
9:00 vacuumed out the car for 4 quarters (i only had 3 but the nice employee gave me another quarter haha). simply vacuuming a car makes it look sooo  much better
9:30 met casey at the library and gave him food
9:35 worked on accounting for 3 hours. boo
12:30 casey and i finally got home :)

(but no pictures of my exciting day, sad i know)

8:00 woke up
9:00 arrived at the incite (pest control) training meeting and listened to super exciting stuff for 4 hours
1:00 lunch break!
2:00 skipped out on the last 3 hours and came home to watch the elite 8 games.
5:00 got in the car with kimber to eat the oreo malt
5:15 went into work for the next 7 hours at the boring library (who goes to the library on a saturday night until midnight!? that goes against everything i stand for! there's much better things to do in life)
9:00 he finally got food! 
12:30 finally got home

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Nik and Dawna said...

So where will you guys be selling?? Nik and I are moving to San Diego to sell Pest Control out there for the summer.